TENA Lady Mini Magic

TENA Lady Mini Magic

The smallest product ever designed for a little bladder weakness, TENA Lady Mini Magic™ represents a real breakthrough in discreet protection and is ideal for those who lose just a few drops of urine.

Box price (6 packs of 34 pieces)
R 180.00 incl VAT

Product details

- QuickDry topsheet provides quick absorption and locks the liquid away giving superior dryness;
- Adhesive strip to hold in place in underwear;
- New unique double-action Fresh Odour Control™ which inhibits bacterial growth and neutralises odours;
- Textile-like surface next to your body;
- Body-shaped for excellent body fit;
- 152mm in length and 3mm in thickness (as small as a normal pantyliner).

Sizing and Absorption

Size# in pack# in boxColour
Mini Magic 34 6 Pink