'National Pharmaceutical Product Index (NAPPI) is a unique identifier for a given ethical, surgical or consumable product that allows a claim refund from your medical aid.

All TENA incontinence care products have been granted a NAPPI code as recognition of good quality and a reliable supplier.

A NAPPI CODE enables you to apply for reimbursement from your medical aid scheme,  but is not a guarantee of reimbursement.  Your medical savings plan contains information of your purchased incontinence care products that fall under the reimbursement clause.  Please obtain confirmation from your medical aid regarding the exact procedure before you submit your claim.

TENA NAPPI CODES WILL APPEAR ON YOUR INVOICE.   Keep the original invoice and submit it to your medical aid within 3 months of purchase.

 Important steps-by-step process on how to process your claim:

1.    The patient will receive a script from the doctor.  The Practice No. together with  products required for the patient are on the script.

2.     The patient presents the script together with their Medical Aid Membership No.  to the pharmacist who dispenses the medication and sends the script to the medical aid.  If the pharmacist does not perform this function then the patient is responsible for getting script and invoice to their medical aid. 

3.    Only if the medication is "chronic" does the doctor need to give the patient a motivating letter.

4.    Patient should keep a copy of the Invoice from the Pharmacy.

For more information about NAPPI Codes please call 087 359 1079.