We have a wide range of products specifically designed for women. The lightest available products are liners, and for more absorbency we have pad products.  For those that require more security , we also have a range of Protective Underwear and Pants products. For TENA Bed, please click on Other products.

The smallest product ever designed for a little bladder weakness, TENA Lady Mini Magic™ represents a real breakthrough in discreet protection and is ideal for those who lose just a few drops of urine.

Box price (6 packs of 34 pieces)
R 180.00 incl VAT

TENA Lady Ultra Mini is only 3mm thick, but is 4 times as effective as normal sanitary towel  and is perfect for people experiencing slight bladder weakness.

Box price (21 packs of 14 pieces)
R 610.00 incl VAT

TENA Lady Normal


An even greater level of absorption for those who need light to moderate protection. The pad shape of TENA Lady Normal ensures a superior fit by following your body's natural contours. Plus there’s a fully breathable outer layer that allows air to circulate.

Box price (6 packs of 12 pieces)
R 170.00 incl VAT

TENA Lady Extra


A soft and anatomically shaped pad. Providing the ultimate feeling of protection, these comfortable pads offer fast and efficient absorbency. you will feel instantly dry and secure. The Body Shaped DRYZone designed with the female body in mind for excellent absorption and discretion. Fresh Odour Control Confidence. The soft side elastic shapes the pad for close fit.

Box price (6 packs of 10 pieces)
R 210.00 incl VAT

TENA Lady Maxi with InstaDRY zone for fast absorption gives you a secure feeling of protection.

Designed for medium to heavy bladder weakness, it offers the dryness and comfort of a purpose made pad.

Packs per box (12 packs per box)
R 780.00 incl VAT

TENA Lady Pants is soft, stretchy and comfortable providing protection designed to look and feel like everyday feminine underwear. The highly absorbent pant provides breathable comfort and extra absorbency providing additional security.

TENA Pants Normal is designed to suit active people with moderate and heavy incontinence. These pants are extra secure, soft and comfortable and worn like normal underwear.

TENA <i>Slip</i> <i>Original</i> Plus TENA <i>Slip</i> <i>Original</i> Plus

TENA Slip Original is specially designed for people with moderate and heavy Incontinence. It is also suitable for people with double incontinence. This product has got breathable side panels. Its dermatologically tested therefore promoting healthy skin. Breathable side panels allow air to circulate, giving users comfort and wellbeing. The 3 layered fixation tapes are re- adjustable to support ideal fit, helping to prevent leakage and additional changes



TENA Flex is a unisex product for heavy conditions. It offers both the security and flexibility of an all-in-one system and the comfort and discretion of a cloth-type product. The pad is held in place using the easy-fastening system that secures the pad to the belt.

Available in two different absorbencies, and four different sizes.

TENA Lady TENA Lady Maxi Night has a unique shape. It is wider at the back to provide extra coverage, absorbency and security when lying down. Lady Extra Plus, TENA Lady Maxi Night is perfect for those who require extra security and confidence at night.

Box price (8 packs of 6 pieces)
R 275.00 incl VAT