TENA Slip Original Plus

TENA Slip Original Plus

TENA <i>Slip</i> <i>Original</i> Plus TENA <i>Slip</i> <i>Original</i> Plus

TENA Slip Original is specially designed for people with moderate and heavy Incontinence. It is also suitable for people with double incontinence. This product has got breathable side panels. Its dermatologically tested therefore promoting healthy skin. Breathable side panels allow air to circulate, giving users comfort and wellbeing. The 3 layered fixation tapes are re- adjustable to support ideal fit, helping to prevent leakage and additional changes

Product details

-      Curved leg elastics and leakage barriers

-         Wetness indicator to show when the product needs to be changes

-         PE back sheet

-         3-layered re-adjustable side tapes

-        Highly absorbent core

-        Dermatologically tested

-        Breathable sides for air circulation

-        Re-closable tapes

-        Leakage Barrier for maximum leakage security

-        Noise free for wearer

Sizing and Absorption

AbsorptionSizeHip size (cm)# in pack# in boxColour
Medium 10's 80-115cm 10 8 Blue
Medium 2's 80-115cm 2 30
Large 10's 110- 150cm 10 8
Large 2's 100- 150cm 2 30