TENA Lady Mini Plus

TENA Lady Mini Plus


Shaped like a long sanitary towel for an improved anatomical fit, this product now provides an extra feeling of security and comfort. It is perfect for those who have occasional leakage and need maximum security, and slightly thicker and longer than TENA Lady Mini, providing 20% more absorbency.

Box price (10 packs of 16 pieces)
R 370.00 incl VAT

Product details

- QuickDry topsheet provides quick absorption and locks the liquid away giving superior dryness;
- Adhesive strip to hold the pad in place in underwear;
- New unique double-action Fresh Odour Control™ which inhibits bacterial growth and neutralises odours;
- Textile-like surface next to your body;
- Body-shaped for excellent body fit;
- Single-wrapped for your convenience;
- 256mm long, 7mm thick;
- Absorption: 60ml (this is quoted for guidance only, and is not a technical rating).

Sizing and Absorption

AbsorptionSizeHip size (cm)# in pack# in boxColour
Mini Plus One size fits all 16 10 Green