TENA has a number of products designed specifically for Men. TENA Men is available in 3 absorption levels, but for those that need more security, we also have a range of Pants products that are suitable for men.

TENA Men Level 2


Level 2 offers greater absorption and security. Its comfortable cup shape is designed specifically for the male anatomy men and is so discreet that it is unnoticeable under clothes.

With Level 2, men who lose more than just a few drops are assured of the extra protection they need, however active they may be.

Box price (6 packs of 20 pieces)
R 480.00 incl VAT

TENA Men Level 4


Designed for moderate to heavy bladder weakness, this protective underwear looks and feels like regular underwear.

8 packs in the box (10 pieces in pack)
R 1,540.00 incl VAT

TENA <i>Slip</i> <i>Original</i> Plus TENA <i>Slip</i> <i>Original</i> Plus

TENA Slip Original is specially designed for people with moderate and heavy Incontinence. It is also suitable for people with double incontinence. This product has got breathable side panels. Its dermatologically tested therefore promoting healthy skin. Breathable side panels allow air to circulate, giving users comfort and wellbeing. The 3 layered fixation tapes are re- adjustable to support ideal fit, helping to prevent leakage and additional changes

TENA Pants Normal is designed to suit active people with moderate and heavy incontinence. These pants are extra secure, soft and comfortable and worn like normal underwear.



TENA Flex is a unisex product for heavy conditions. It offers both the security and flexibility of an all-in-one system and the comfort and discretion of a cloth-type product. The pad is held in place using the easy-fastening system that secures the pad to the belt.

Available in two different absorbencies, and four different sizes.